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Welcome to Goodwill Hybrid Seeds India Pvt Ltd

Developing Better Seeds

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Goodwill® is an agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. By combining the strengths of our research & fertile soil to grow, we’ve harnessed agriculture’s brightest minds and expertise gained over two decades of scientific achievement.

25+ Years of Experience

High Quality Seeds

Goodwill® has been developing and producing seeds for Indian farmers since 1995 while leading the nation as most prominent player of fodder seeds with innovation.

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Research & Development

What We Do

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Why Choose Goodwill

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We are driven by our beliefs and our purpose that farmers are the best definition of success, for the world where it ensures for the best food to the consumer and keep ensuring the progress for generations to come.

Research & Development

Vast area of Research Farm

Quality Assured Seeds

We help farmers to sow the finest seeds and reap bountiful harvests.

Robust Infrastructure

State of art processing facility, capability to produce 4.5 kMT seeds.


We Use latest & Innovative Technology to serve farmers.

our team members

Board of Directors

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Aditya Ahuja - Goodwill

Managing Director

Mr. Aditya Ahuja

Kunal Ahuja - Goodwill

Managing Director

Mr. Kunal Ahuja

We are focused on
bringing best of seeds
innovation to indian fields

is Our Guiding value
in all our Endeavors


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Goodwill® has been making, developing & hybridizing seeds for farmers in India since 1995, while continuing to be one of the nation’s leading suppliers of improved varieties & hybrid seeds.


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